My Eternal Flame Tree Set of Three Paintings Lisa Frances Judd

SOLD - Commissions accepted for a similar Painting

This is a triptych set (3 individual paintings). My Eternal Flame Trees is painted in acrylic on deep edged stretched canvas, each individual artwork is 41cm x 51cm in size. Total set size is 83cm wide x 51cm deep. 

Living in the Blue Mountains I am surrounded by beautiful trees and I find their energy very grounding and calming. The mountains are my 'spiritual home'.

This impressionistic abstract trees cape triptych depicts three red trees. Inspired by Aussie Flame Trees, these trees equally represent the beautiful red/russet autumn colors I see each season in the deciduous trees where I live in the Blue Mountains west of Sydney.

The earth is rich in texture and colors including metallic copper, bronze and red gold paint for added drama.


Blue Trees by Lisa Frances Judd Sold Out
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Tuscan Trees by Lisa Frances Judd Sold Out
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