Lisa has been creating her very popular Wild Flower Series for around three years and continues to add to this Series regularly. Popular with her art collectors, these paintings represent personal freedom, unlimited growth and abundance.

Each original painting starts with a very textured background. Then many layers of delicate wildflowers, buds, seeds, grasses, leaves and sometimes ferns are carefully added to build up the depth and visual interest.

Lisa uses a special blend of acrylics and mediums, applied with a very steady hand, in a very delicate way. These paintings are feminine, delicate, calming, soothing and very aesthetically pleasing.

Most of the color palettes Lisa uses in her wild flower series are calming blues, greens and neutrals. However she does love metallic too and you will find some very striking metallic bronze, copper and gold wildflowers paintings on dark, moody backgrounds in her Series too.


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