Hello I am Lisa Frances Judd. I paint a variety of subject matter mostly Nature Art. My style is uniquely my own - abstract/semi-abstract, fun and playful. I love vibrant colors and textures and impasto. When I paint I am painting joy on a canvas. My aim is to transfer that personal joy I feel to you the viewer. My paintings are about uplifting your spirit above the mundane of everyday life.

Look through my Galleries (these paintings are some of my Sold works) and you will see that I mostly work in groups of themed paintings (Series). Commissioned paintings are welcome and I also License my artworks (by written, signed agreement). Please contact me via the website to enquire.


I live and work from my home Art Studio in Wimalee NSW, Australia.  From the moment I could hold a crayon I have been drawing and painting.  I am completely self-taught and have developed my own distinctive style over many years based on my passion for nature, colour, pattern, texture and my own vivid imagination.

My full-time art career started later in life after many decades working in the corporate world. Unexpected back surgery in 2009 forced me to stop work for an extended period.  While recovering, I was utterly bored and started to draw and paint again. My passion for art re-ignited and again became an essential part of my life.

Although I did resume corporate work again for a while, in 2011 my life completely fell apart.  My wonderful Husband had a breakdown from work stress and months later my only Son was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer (Glioblastoma Multiforme stage 4). The ONLY thing I did when I was not caring for my son James was draw and paint.

Art became my emotional and mental therapy during a time I thought I was loosing my mind from grief and depression.  When my outer world was grey and sad, a canvas and colourful paint could let me find my inner joy again. Art literally saved me and led me to my art career. Against all odds and medical expectations, my son James is still alive in 2021 and although post treatment seizure issues need managing, the cancer has not re-occurred. I now call him Miracle Man.

I am blessed that many of my original paintings and prints grace Art Collections, Homes and Offices around the world. I have also achieved considerable commercial success with Art Licenses with Australian and U.S. companies. Over the years, I have participated in numerous group and solo art exhibitions. If you are interested in where send me an email.

My first Solo Exhibition at The Pine Street Gallery, Chippendale, Sydney was featured in The Sydney Morning Herald's Spectrum Section in 2013. That same year I was included in the ‘Undiscovered’ feature of Art Collector Magazine & Art Edit. 

I hope one of my paintings, prints or products resonates with you and goes to live in your world. See where to view and buy my art on my Stockists Page.

Please be aware that I do take Commissions – your size, colours, subject matter and that visits to see my paintings in real life at my Blue Mountains Studio are possible by appointment.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read about my art and my personal journey.


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